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"Awesome team that helped me pay off £5,600 in credit card debt in less than 8 months. Very happy!"

Brianna T.

London, UK

Our 3 Core Debt Relief Benefits

  • Reduce Your Debt

    Have a professional negotiate debt reductions for you.

  • One Single Payment

    Single payment tailored and set to what you can afford.

  • Always Affordable

    Leaving you able to pay all household bills & living costs.

Where We Can Help

Stop the annoying collection calls, high interest charges, and greatly reduce your monthly payments. Working with us and our partners is a breeze! We don't just pass you off to anyone. Our FCA regulated partners guide you through the entire debt relief process and pass the finishing line with you. Contact us today to work with the best debt relief team's in the UK!

  • Credit Cards

  • Personal loans

  • Store Cards

  • Payday loans

  • Catalogues loan

  • Bailliffs help

  • Council tax

  • Utility bills

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They Kicked Their Debt Goodbye!

  • If you're in trouble with your finances and it's keeping you up at night, go with this company. It all seemed too complicated to me, but they explained everything and got me back on my feet again. They are young and awesome; surprisingly good experience. Thanks!

    Marcus L.

    Reading, UK
    Paid Off


  • Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish. After nearly two years of sleepless nights and worry I plucked up the courage to ring FDS and immediately all my stress disappeared!! I am now Debt free and only wish I had made the call sooner

    Brianna T.

    London, UK
    Paid Off


  • I just spoke to Amanda and i am really excited! such a lovely lady, she explained everything so I understood what the next steps were. I can't believe how easy it was. I would definitely recommend to anyone that is struggling with their debts

    Greg Broughton

    London, UK
    Paid Off


  • Cant thank them enough. It was a great weight lifted of my shoulders. They dealt with everything I didn't have to worry about a thing. So professionally and friendly My plan ran smoothly. Would highly recommend.

    Rebecca F.

    York, UK
    Paid Off


  • Great customer service from Melissa who held my initial phone call with them, she was very polite and incredibly helpful. My debt management plan is all set up and it's been a smooth ride. Total weight lifted off of me. Thanks for being humans!


    Bristol, UK
    Paid Off


  • They gave us piece of mind and answered any questions we had no matter how trivial they seemed, they couldn’t be more helpful. We paid off our debt in the exact time they quoted and today we are absolutely debt free. Thanks Ryan and Jamie!

    Eric Monton

    Cardiff, UK
    Paid Off


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